After some deliberation – and lots of enquiries from quilters who are needing fabric – we have made the decision to start taking and sending out orders to customers. We will be in the shop two mornings per week and there are different ways to place your order (see below).

In order for this to work well for you and for us, we’ve written these terms and conditions that you agree to when you make use of this service.

Please note that the shop is NOT open and you cannot come in to browse even when you see us in the shop; please don’t knock at the door. Either Mhairi (Tuesday) or Trudy (Monday) will be in the shop to take and process your orders in the following ways.

How to place your orders

Email us

Email orders can be placed any time – the Monday or Tuesday after you place an order we will get in touch (please provide us with a phone number). If it is a repeat of a fabric, please include a photo. You can also use the contact form on our website (

Phone us

You can phone us on Mondays and Tuesdays between 10am and 11am with your order and payment details. To speed up the process we will have flat postal fees – see below. Please be aware that others may try and reach us during that time so have your measurements handy. At this moment, sorry but we can’t help you working out how much fabric you will need. Remember that if you want to back a quilt you can either use the extra wide fabric (120”), in which case one times the length will suffice. Should you want normal quilting fabric (42”) you will need twice the length.

Zoom with us

You can Zoom us on Mondays and Tuesdays between 11am and 11.40am.

The link on Monday is
Meeting ID: 885 3442 3676
Password: 948100

And the link on Tuesday is
Meeting ID: 791 285 1090
Password: 2YgR8w

This is for customers who need to see the fabrics – we will take the iPad and show you what we have. Again, please be aware that others may be waiting. Zoom is easy – just click on the link and you will get through to us (providing the broadband is working); make sure your video and your audio is on. Zoom displays all callers on the screen so be aware that others can hear and see you. Please do not provide credit card numbers when using Zoom, but give us your phone number, preferably in the chat box (to either Mhairi or Trudy privately) so that can be kept private.

To contact us outwith these hours

We cannot be contacted in person outwith these hours. If you leave a voicemail or a contact form via the website we will pick it up and get in touch the following day anyone is in the shop. Please leave clear instructions and provide us with a phone number.

We will gauge the demand and can alter and extend these hours.

How to pay for orders

We accept card payments over the phone only: no cheques, cash and no payment onsite. The minimum order is £10.

We are not sending out samples. If you want to be able to return cut fabrics, please order in half metres or metres only. Return postage will be carried by the buyer.

Flat fees for posting: all 2nd class

  • up to 1m fabric or large letter: £2
  • up to 4 m fabric: £4
  • wadding up to 2m £7
  • wadding over 2m £9
  • Haberdashery (usually doesn’t fit in large letter) £4

Of course we will combine postage on composite orders.

Thanks for bearing with us

Apologies if this all sounds a little strict, but hopefully it all makes sense! In order to make it work for you and for us, we need to be efficient. We do hope that later in the year, when we can physically open the shop again we can catch up again with all your news and your quilting queries.

Thank you and we hope to hear from you soon!