We are very much looking forward to welcoming you back to our shop on Tuesday 30th June.

As you will understand it will not be business as usual for the foreseeable future, but we would like to make your shopping experience as pleasant and safe as possible.

These are some of the measures we have put in place. Of course, all this could be changed at the drop of a hat, so please bear with us and see what updates we post on our Facebook page.

Shopping with The Peacock and the Tortoise

The Peacock and the Tortoise will be open from 10am to 2pm from Tuesday to Saturday inclusive.

No more than 3 customers are allowed in the shop at any one time. Please understand that two people from the same household still count as two people. So please keep in mind that there may be people waiting for their turn.

If you need to start a quilt from scratch and you need more time to decide and choose fabrics, we invite you to make an appointment (2pm to 3pm, Tuesday till Saturday). You can bring a friend or a member of your household to this appointment.

You can still email (info@peacockandthetortoise.co.uk) or phone (01738 717009) with your order either to pick up or to be sent out. There will be nobody in the shop on Monday, but orders will be picked up during the week.

There is a sanitising station when you come into the shop. Please use it when you come in and when you leave; even when you wear gloves. We will sanitise throughout the day – please bear with us.

You will not be able to go to the back of the shop to choose thread etc. Please tell us what your requirements are and we will get whatever you need. Toilets are closed.

Please keep your distance from other shoppers and from staff. We would love you to wear a mask (one of our fabrics, maybe?) but understand if that is not possible.

Please touch as little as possible. We are not going to ‘quarantine’ our fabrics; we rely on the good sense of our customers. You may wear gloves but please be aware that gloves do not protect you from the virus – the virus lives happily on your gloves so please don’t feel that wearing gloves means you can touch our wares more frequently.

This is a challenging time and we will be doing our very best to help you while keeping everyone safe. Please be patient while we all try to negotiate the new situaiton together. Any rudeness to our staff will not be accepted.

How can you pay at The Peacock and the Tortoise?

We prefer card payments, please. Contactless payments are even better. We will accept cash as well, but no cheques.

Special offers for opening weeks!

In the first weeks of opening we will give 20% discount on a full metre or more of fabric. This will also apply to ordering via email or phone. We will also sell off fabrics in 1m lengths for £6.50.

Photo of a section of sea-themed panel, available to buy at The Peacock and the Tortoise