Sewing machine repairs and services

Does your sewing machine need a service? Is the tension perhaps a little off? A service usually solves a lot of problems and gives you back the pleasure in sewing with your machine.

We facilitate sewing machine repairs and services to our customers, as we are a pick-up point for Pemberton’s of Stirling. They collect the machines on regular dates and bring them back a fortnight later.

Dates for sewing machine services in 2020

Here are the dates in 2020 when Pemberton’s will collect machines from our shop. Important – we need the machine to be here the day before the collection date as they are collected first thing in the morning.
  • Wednesday 8th July (please drop off your machine at our shop at 29 George Street, Perth, on Tuesday 7th July, between 10am and 2pm)
  • Wednesday 22nd July (drop off on Tuesday 21st July)
  • Wednesday 5th August (drop off on Tuesday 4th August)
  • Wednesday 19th August (drop off on Tuesday 18th August)
  • Wednesday 2nd September (drop off on Tuesday 1st September)
  • Wednesday 16th September (drop off on Tuesday 15th September)
  • Wednesday 30th September (drop off on Tuesday 29th September)
  • Wednesday 14th October (drop off on Tuesday 13th October)
  • Wednesday 28th October (drop off on Tuesday 27th October)
  • Wednesday 11th November (drop off on Tuesday 10th November)
  • Wednesday 25th November (drop off on Tuesday 24th November)
  • Wednesday 9th December (drop off on Tuesday 8th December).

What to do when bringing in your sewing machine

We can only accept machines in their cases, bags or boxes and not any loose machines. The machine itself and the box / cover must be clearly labelled with your name, address and phone number, and any notes to the engineer. Please also ensure it has a power lead included. When you drop off your machine you can use the loading bay across from the shop.

How much does a sewing-machine service cost?

The cost of servicing your sewing machine depends on the type of machine. As a guideline, a service for a non-computerised machine (which can do zigzag and a few other types of stitch) will cost around £70 including VAT, delivery and collection. If a new part needs to be fitted, such as a bulb or a plate, that would be an extra cost. Computerised machines are more expensive to service.

How to arrange a service for your sewing machine

If you are interested in arranging a service for your sewing machine, please call into the shop, call us on 01738 717009 or email

Interested in our classes?

During the year, we run a variety of classes, mainly but not wholly fabric-based. We offer regular patchwork and quilting classes, meeting eight times across the session either during the day or in the evening. In addition, our large choice of one-day classes are focussed on a particular technique or end product and often you leave the class with a completed project and the motivation to make a lot more!

Examples of classes would be: a one-day crash course in patchwork and quilting, handbag making, lampshade making, machine embroidery, free-motion machine quilting, and special patchwork techniques, such as working with jelly rolls and layer cakes. In the late autumn there are also several Christmas-themed classes.

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