It all started with a dream at Trudy’s kitchen table and after eight happy years, we have decided to pass our precious baby onto someone else! Trudy, young as she looks, is set to retire and make all those quilts she has been meaning to find the time to make, and Mhairi is moving onto her next challenge. Therefore our business is up for sale as a going (and growing) concern as we want to ensure as much as possible that the community of quilters here in Perthshire continue to be stimulated and have a good patchwork and quilting shop on their doorstep. All enquiries are welcome!

Trudy has no intention of finding another job, so with the help of our wonderful staff it will be business as normal. The only real change is that we will close on Mondays from July 1st onwards through the summer. We may review the situation in the autumn.

We are aware that there are rumours going around that we are closing. We are not. There is no impending deadline and it will be business as usual for The Peacock and the Tortoise for the foreseeable future until we hand over the reins. It is full throttle ahead with all of our classes, which will continue as per usual and our stock will be as exciting and as tempting as ever! 

If anyone is interested in buying the business, alone, with a group of friends or however you would like to do it, please talk to us. We are keen to give our baby a good home and are prepared to go the extra mile to make any transfer as smooth as possible.

With best wishes from Trudy, Mhairi and the staff at The Peacock and the Tortoise
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