Photo of square depicting Covid-19 for the Memory Quilt Challenge 2020/21What did 2020 mean to you? For most people, it was a mix of difficulties and discoveries. The world as we know it changed hugely, and many of us have seen our lives change accordingly.

Do you think you could turn those feelings, memories and images into a quilt square?

If so, we have a unique challenge for you that we hope will create something special and poignant.

Join our Memory Quilt Challenge

In March, the Peacock and the Tortoise will be ten years old. We can’t quite believe it! We vividly remember the wonderful first days after opening. In those ten years we have not just built up a group of loyal customers, we also have a community of textile crafters around us. And we miss you! We miss the buzz around the classes and the excitement on seeing quilts nearing completion.

We would have loved to have a big party in March 2021, that won’t be possible. Instead we are creating The Memory Quilt Challenge 2020/21 for our wonderful quilting community, and for anyone and everyone else who would like to take part.

What’s involved in the challenge?

The challenge for each person is to make a 12-inch by 12-inch square. (The pattern should be 12”, but we would like raw edges, and no wadding, backing or binding so the unfinished square would actually be 12½”).

The theme for the squares is 2020: Lockdown. Think about what Lockdown meant for you: isolation, anxiety, sadness, loss, but perhaps also the NHS, clean air, no noise, a new hobby you have picked up, working from home, or the neatest garden you’ve ever had. You can interpret it as you wish.

Our aim is to take all of the squares and make a giant memory quilt with all these expressions of Lockdown stitched for posterity. We also hope that a local gallery or exhibition space may be interested in displaying it for the public.

What do I use to make my square?

You can work in any textile technique: patchwork, piecing, appliqué, hand- or machine embroidery and mixed media are all fine.

Please incorporate something in the colour blue. For those who can pick it up we will have a piece of blue Grunge fabric available.

Then add your initials somewhere on the square if you wish and, when you hand it in, pin a note to it with your name and any explanation of your theme that you wish to give.

Join our online classes and collaborate

To help you in your efforts (and to meet up a bit) we will offer you at least three optional online classes (details to follow) by three of our wonderful tutors – Diane, Sue and Morag.

This is a non-competitive collaboration to gather everyone’s impressions of this year. You don’t have to be a customer or have been to a class; this is open for anyone who can stitch a square together.

Where and when to send the quilt squares

How can you get the squares to us? You can drop them in to the shop at 29 George Street, Perth, or send them to us if you prefer. We would like the squares to be with us by 20 February 2021, please. And, now that we’ll be closed for a few weeks following the latest lockdown plans, please wait until 19th January 2021 to start sending them or dropping them in to us.

The classes to help you out will probably be in January, once things have returned to normal after Christmas. Keep an eye on our Facebook page for more details.

Good luck and do get in touch if you have any further questions. We’re really looking forward to seeing your squares. Thank you!