We’re delighted to announce that the first of our Fidget Blanket workshops will be happening this Thursday, the 29th March.

What is a Fidget Blanket?

The idea of the Fidget Blanket is simple. It is a busy quilt or blanket with a variety of attachments (zips, buttons, buckles, tassels etc) to fidget with. People with dementia can experience anxiety and periods of feeling unsettled. Something to occupy their hands and minds (like fidget blankets or twiddle muffs) will reduce these feelings. When a person is more settled and less distressed they are more likely to engage with family and friends, thus increasing their quality of life and allowing family and friends to enjoy time with their loved ones.

About our workshops

The Peacock and the Tortoise offers free workshops for people who would like to know more. Combine your creativity with your charity and create something truly beautiful and useful! The dates are Thursdays 29th March, 26th April and 24th May from 1.30pm till 4pm. These are drop-in events; our tutor will show examples of fidget blankets and tell how to make them. A neutral background fabric is recommended, sized between 20 and 24” (60 cm) without objects that are very shiny, such as mirrors. Sewing machines will be set up if you want to try your hand at it. Finished blankets will be distributed via Dementia friends Scotland. There will also be examples of twiddle muffs on show (for the knitters among us).

Do I need to bring anything?

You don’t have to bring anything but yourself and a little of your time, but if you have them we will gratefully accept scraps of tactile fabric, such as net, velvet and scraps of tassels etc. Other things to use are: zips, buttons, large beads, velcro, fastenings – the list is endless.

Come along and find out more!