Through our shop we often meet talented people who make beautiful things but don’t have their own space to sell their work. They rely on Facebook pages, word of mouth or the occasional (Christmas) market.

In 2020 we are going to offer a pop-up window to textile artists and crafters. This is how it will work:

You (that could be one person or a small group) get two weeks to use our window space (one side only). You dress the window with the articles you would like to display in whatever way you like. The Peacock in the tortoise will not be able to sell anything for you or take money as the admin (which would have to be done separately) would be too much for our small but busy business. However, we are happy to hand out your business cards or small flyers.

A boost for your business

We will be offering this service free of charge.

What you get out of it: a free showcase for your work.

What we get out of it: a buzz, some publicity and a great sense of satisfaction!

Are you interested in displaying your work in one of our windows? Please call us on 01738 717009, email or pop in to see us at 29 George Street!

The small (but necessary) print:

  • The majority of objects should be textile art
  • You can apply as an individual, a small group of makers, a charity or a community group
  • You can display just to showcase, or to sell for yourself or for charity
  • Each display is for two weeks maximum (longer is not recommended due to fading)
  • If you use electrics (eg lights or electronic photo frame) the appliances must be new or PAT-tested.
  • The window must not be obscured – we need the light in the shop.
  • We reserve the right to refuse any displays that we find rude or offensive.
  • We can’t take money for you under any circumstances – please leave printed details in the shop.
  • A sign describing the way the window works will always be on display in the window (we’ll provide it).
  • Work can be done during our opening hours of 10am and 4:30pm.
  • Dimensions of the window: 144cm wide, 80cm deep, 140cm high.
  • Three spotlights are installed and on a timer.
  • Windows must be left clean.